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About the company

Welcome to Global Wealth Club. We are a personal development and growth business, with the aim to revolutionise wealth creation by changing the world through Forex Trading skills, one trade at a time thus empowering ordinary people to achieve financial freedom, time freedom and all other valued personal freedoms.

The digital age we are so fortunate to live in, has unlimited opportunities and potential to the ordinary person. It was this knowledge and the passion to help people that gave birth to the concept of Global Wealth Club. Started by traders for traders, the company boasts a wealth of experience in Forex markets, cryptocurrencies and commodities, Information and Communication Technology, personality development and growth and corporate soft skills. It is with this knowledge and invaluable experience that we will help you on your path to financial freedom.

We pledge to operate with a high level of integrity and professionalism along with a passion towards helping people. As entrepreneurs, we have first hand experience of having a dream in your heart and passionately going after it while helping others drive to their own success. Will you be part of the one Club that ensures that you become the happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful person that you have always aspired to be? 


To help everyday people achieve financial freedom and live more fulfilling lives.


GWC aims to continually improve the lives of ordinary people by helping them to realise the massive financial opportunities, the extraordinary power and potential of the Forex market through:

    • Forex Trading Training
    • Wealth Creation And Wealth Management
    • Personal Development
    • Time Management

We will always strive to provide exceptional service to our customers and immensely contribute to the improvement of our communities, the environment and the global socio-economic status.


Latest News

24/12/2016 Tsholofelo Thobye
Merry Christmas
Global Wealth Club wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Our Forex market commentary and analyses will resume on 02 January 2017.We thank you for your ongoing support in 2016 and look forward to an exciting trading year ahead in 2017. 


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