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Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction To Forex
What Is Forex
Why Trade Forex
Who Trades Forex
Forex Terminology
The Best Timesframes To Trade
Types Of Charts
Part 2: Trading Strategies
Risk Management (Risk-Reward Ratio)
Support And Resistance (Key Levels)
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Inside Bar
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Forex Breakout
False Breakout
Part 3: Candlesticks And Candlesticks Patterns
Shooting Star
Hanging Man
Inverted hammer
Bullish Engulfing
Bearish Engulfing
Morning Star
Evening Star
Part 4: Forex Chart Patterns
Currency Pairs Correlation
Head And Shoulders (And The Inverse)
The Bull And Bear Flag
Double Top
Double Bottom
Part 5: Trading Plan

How To Draft A Trading Plan

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