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Terms and Conditions

Global Wealth Club (GWC) Policies & Procedures, Earnings Disclaimer, Spam Policy and Privacy Policy are specifically incorporated herein by reference. They, along with these Terms & Conditions, form the Agreement between: GWC and the Member.
GWC is the retailer of personal empowerment products. The information contained within this learning center and its materials is strictly for personal growth and coaching and educational purposes. Therefore, if anyone wishes to apply any of the strategies and principles to their own life, they are taking full responsibility for their own actions and results.
GWC disclaim all warranties, express or implied, for any particular purposes and shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct or indirect damages, consequential or inconsequential, arising directly or indirectly from any use of the GWC program and its resources.
All links are for informational and educational purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.
All Members of GWC upon activation of their membership are given a ‘USD BUSINESS CENTER’ which allows them the opportunity in the form of a home business to earn income from the marketing of the GWC product to other people.
GWC does not purport this as a get rich scheme in any manner. The level of success of any individual in attaining the results claimed in any marketing materials depends on the time they devote to learning the business and their application of the strategies and principles. Since these factors differ according to individuals, no one Member’s success or income level can be guaranteed.
Every effort has been made to accurately represent GWC home business and its income potential. However, even though high earnings are possible, there is no guarantee that anyone will earn any money in this program. Examples in any GWC website or marketing materials are not to be interpreted as a promise of earnings. Income potential is entirely dependent on the person using the strategies and principles.
Commissions are paid MONTHLY by the GWC proprietary - meaning that as soon as a commission is earned it is allocated to the account of the respective earning Member, who may then claim it from his or her GWC back office.
GWC uses PAYPAL and SKRILL as our primary payment portal provider of choice.
GWC may change the payment portal provider of choice or elect to use various other payment portal methods at its discretion for receiving funds for the monthly Memberships and for sending funds for the monthly commissions. Notice via email and also posted in the Members Area will be given to the Members of any changes regarding the status of any payment portals and payment methods.
Members of GWC are required to set up a PAYPAL or SKRILL account for paying their  joining fee and for receiving commissions.
PAYPAL and SKRILL accounts are free to set up.
Transaction fees for paying joining fee will be absorbed by GWC.Transaction fees for receiving any commission from GWC will be absorbed by the Member receiving the commission.
Payment Processor Disclaimer: GWC and PAYPAL and SKRILL are separate independent entities. Any funds in a Member’s PAYPAL or SKRILL account are the full responsibility of the Member and PAYPAL or SKRILL. They are in no way the responsibility of GWC in any manner.
GWC offer a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all Members. This is foremost because new Member positions are allocated instantaneously and commissions on all GWC membership are paid instantly as soon as the subscription fee payment is received. Therefore, as the system  is  fully automated and irrevocable, no refunds shall be made.
To repeat:  GWC offers no refunds. So please do not join  GWC if this zero refunds policy is not agreeable to you or if the sum of US$50 will place you under any form of financial distress or is beyond your fiscal means at this time.
GWC also has  ZERO CHARGE-BACKS POLICY on all credit card transactions. So if you decide to join GWC using a credit card, please understand that this is a final and irrevocable transaction. This means that even if you choose to dispute your US$50 payment with your credit card company, your dispute will fail. This is because during the joining process, you will be required to waive your charge-back rights by way of agreeing to the Terms and Conditions policy of GWC.

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